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today again i was commuting through the streets of delhi… during the day you can watch a lot of men sitting on green streaks of grass right next to road playing cards with eachother… still havent´been able to watch Om Shanti Om… mmhh, just a couple of days to go… went to barrison’s today again to try to get some more books for master paper but sadly lots of them are out of print… mhhh now really i have to see what to… at home i have accumulated 30 books or so that have to be shipped home in the next couple of days… going to the postoffice is always such a fun thing to do 😉 long hours of waiting but it´s so unique how the parcels are sewn in clothing and sealed…. they look like presents… and somehow it´s amazing how they usually always find their way to the destination… i have been sending quite a few in the last year but the last encounter with the GPO in Delhi was quite interesting and a new experience… the employee at the counter did not even type in any address on the computerized slip that are put on the parcel… after my enquiry what would happen if that slip comes off the parcel and the address that is written on the clothing would too… then what… in the computer system here is not even any address given… just the general destination: germany and the parcel number… but the employee was very re insuring so i thought ok… let´s give it a try… so far half of the parcels have arrived… not bad…
on my way home i passed my neighbors house today and looked up on their balcony/terrace… it’s quite a rich family so they have this huge house and quite posh. from the distance i could already see a difference… white bedsheets (decorated on the edges) had been put up like a huge white rectangular tent… lots of moving shadows could be seen…at first i thought about a party… and that the errected tent shoud give some privacy… but when i looked closer i realized that all of those shadows derived from goats… 30 goats or so moving, almost it looked like they were dancing, behind the white veil…. mmhhh, maybe they have a shaadi coming up… why else would they have so many goats on their terrace on the second floor??!! especially since the family is very posh and doesn´t strike me as a kind who would suddenly have 30 goats on their terrace… i really hope the goats will not all be eaten… but that is probably what awaits them.

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yes i am also one of those you could call harry potter fanatics… not from day one… but after a flu had struck me down for a week a couple of years ago my dear friend brought me harry potter books 1-4… in one week in bed i had read the first three books and was hooked… now 2 weeks ago i got an email from a friend she had received a harry potter torrent of the last book… i knew that it was faked but i thought what the hell… maybe it is written nicely so i started

so in the last 2 weeks i have been reading this 657 pages and i have to say. whoever wrote this did not such a bad job… on various spots it was obvious that it could not have been j k rowling but apart from that it was exciting and interesting… currently i am reading the official 7th harry potter book and so far it´s been fantastic… interestingly and funnily i have noticed however that the faked version and the real one have on many occasions real similiarities in the storyplot…  some things are totally different and some almost the same…

another thing regarding harry potter: i saw a very funny satirical drawing in some indian newspaper the other day… they were a couple of talibans or better: fundamentalists depicted who were looking at a group of people nearby. in the center was harry potter, around him people from all over the world, differnent nations, races, ages etc. that were looking at him happily. the talibans (one very much looking like osama bin laden) said to eachother: making bush look like an idiot was easy… but what are we gonna do about this?


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