finally it is done. after six months of work and 140 written pages, i have finished my master thesis paper in cultural anthropology on the indian queer community, the political queer movement and the role of the internet within the community as part of my M.A. at the University of Munich. I would love to get feedback on it, if anybody is interested in reading it. It is written in German (mostly) and not yet available in English.

… and here it is:

Master thesis paper Queer in Indien

please cite as following: Geist, Janina. 2008. Queer in Indien. Selbst- und Fremdkonstruktionen indischer Queers in Politik, Gesellschaft und Medien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Internets. Magisterarbeit am Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikanistik der LMU München. München. Elektronisches Dokument. [Abruf: x.x. 2xxx]. URI: <>   München, Oktober 2008.