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i dunno why somehow the video won´t work when i have uploaded this from you tube… on you tube itself it works fine… so here is the link:


this is truly one of my favourite episodes of That 70s show…hyde is making “special” brownies as a contribution to the foreman´s garage sale… 😉

somehow this video works fine on you tube itself… but not when embedded… so here is the link:

Hyde is teaching Jackie some tricks… 😉

YouTube – Heres To The Nights- The 70’s cutest couple, Jackie and Hyde

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i found this one you tube… i love that 70s show

after a long time of not writing… i am finally back online… hihi…

my two internships at MMB Delhi and Bangalore are finally over and i was on vacation in Bangalore… to see my boyfriend and my other friends… unfortunately… turned things out not the way i wanted them to be… things just didn´t fit anymore and we broke up… that was tough for me… especially because i saw him in a different light all together… saw sides of his character that i had not known before… it hurt me the most that i lost him completely as a person… that he was not mature enough to be able to still talk to me or have me in his life… i was constructed as someone bad… i guess that makes things easier…but it hurt a lot… so of the 5 times in bangalore for 3 weeks i was pretty much very miserable… only in the last 2 weeks i started to fell stronger again and to feel better about myself… i had great and tremendous support from friends in bangalore but also from germany as well… slowly i started feeling better… now i am back in delhi… i have two more months to do my master thesis research on queer indians, LGBT issues and the use of in the internet… besides that i am battling with a cold right now… and my mom and her girlfriend are finally coming to visit me / india this sunday… i am very excited i haven´t seen my mom and lily in so long… on tuesday i will take them to pegs and pints in delhi… which is queer on tuesdays… i am quite excited and will keep you updated…

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