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yes i am also one of those you could call harry potter fanatics… not from day one… but after a flu had struck me down for a week a couple of years ago my dear friend brought me harry potter books 1-4… in one week in bed i had read the first three books and was hooked… now 2 weeks ago i got an email from a friend she had received a harry potter torrent of the last book… i knew that it was faked but i thought what the hell… maybe it is written nicely so i started

so in the last 2 weeks i have been reading this 657 pages and i have to say. whoever wrote this did not such a bad job… on various spots it was obvious that it could not have been j k rowling but apart from that it was exciting and interesting… currently i am reading the official 7th harry potter book and so far it´s been fantastic… interestingly and funnily i have noticed however that the faked version and the real one have on many occasions real similiarities in the storyplot…  some things are totally different and some almost the same…

another thing regarding harry potter: i saw a very funny satirical drawing in some indian newspaper the other day… they were a couple of talibans or better: fundamentalists depicted who were looking at a group of people nearby. in the center was harry potter, around him people from all over the world, differnent nations, races, ages etc. that were looking at him happily. the talibans (one very much looking like osama bin laden) said to eachother: making bush look like an idiot was easy… but what are we gonna do about this?



i am actually very excited today because i am meeting up with Sangini Trust tomorrow… Sangini Trust is an lesbian organisation in Delhi that provides several projects to the community…

as some of you may know i am currently doing research for my master thesis in delhi on queer spaces on the internet and the use of internet as a tool to connect to various other groups (e.g. queer community in usa or europe) also interesting to see how much queer people being in the diaspora have an effect and influence on the scene here in india and vice versa. i am using the term queer in parenthesis here… since it´s not always fitting and doesn´t mean to everyone the same thing. for my research i will mainly talk to “gays” and “lesbians”, again in parenthesis, because those labels don´t fit in general either about their experiences in delhi, their use of the internet, their lives etc. in how far create the various cities in india spaces for queer people that can live in a way which is not possible in rural areas… in how far are the communities (if you can speak of a community in the first place) confined to specific cities, regions, groups… or are different groups fragmented… ?

it will be very interesting to get in touch with various people on that matter… i will be supporting Sangini as a volunteer from october onwards. for my master i will try to conduct interviews and speak informally to “queer indians”… it will be also very cool going to some bars and nightclubs on certain queer nights…

on orkut… the online-community by google that is used very widely in india… it was already very interesting to note various communities like: lesbians in delhi, indian lesbians, queer india, queer indian liberation front, gays, queer india, gays in bangalore… etc. what i have noticed however so far is that most communities receive a huge amount of spam mails regarding sexual topics and the discussion between members of the groups is often (sadly) non-existent… so far i haven´t contacted anyone directly… but i was thinking on maybe sending some mails to certain people and tell them what i am trying to do for my master thesis…

anyway so far… so good… i will keep you updated…

the last couple of days it has been raining a lot in delhi… finally! it has gotten so hot and humid it was so unbareable… it has been very hard for me to be able to get rikshas cuz delhi has some problems with its bus system right now… there has been lots of accidents with the blue buses and so those were taken off the roads…. immediately the whole public transportation system collapsed… because people were waiting, sometimes for hours, for a bus to come… those were mostly already bursting full with people and so people tried to ride or hang on the busses from outside… 3 people died because they fell off… the few rikshas made a shit lot of money cuz there was such a demand… and the metro: well it´s peaceful and nice to travel that way but it doesn´t go very far and has not yet spread evenly around the city… so in my area for example it´s not available yet…

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entrance jama masjid, originally uploaded by javeja.

riksha, originally uploaded by javeja.

this street scene was taken in old delhi, chawri bazaar…

near my work (MMB Delhi) is Connaught Place… so yesterday i went to Subway for having some dinner… i was in the queue and ordered a Veggie Delite… while making the sandwich the guy asked me randomly… so where are you from? so i said: germany…  a bright smile came on this face and he said proudly: you ´re from adolf hitler´s place… adolf hitler… i felt uncomfortable…

i am not writing this here because it´s was an extraordinary experience…. it happens quite a lot actually… i was also told that many things about the holocaust haven´t been taught properly here and hitler is praised as a strategic hero… to me it´s so paradox to see my kampf to be sold at any street corner. but i guess as a german travelling or living abroad many people will associate The Third Reich or Hitler with your nationality… it always makes me uneasy but to me it´s important that what happenend is not forgotten and remembered but at the same time the distinction will be made that i am not a bad person due to my nationality like some people assume.

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