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the old lady i live with in bangalore… or actually better: live with as a paying guest… she was so freaked out about me leaving the house in the evening… after 8 pm… (although bangalore is not really a dangerous city. especially the area i live in) anyway she could only be convinced to be a little bit calmer after i bought a pepper spray for self defence… ok… i thought it would hurt if i had one. so here we go… so for 8 weeks i have been carrying this thing around with me whenever i go out at night. last weekend i was at some friends place at MS Ramaiah Technical College when i noticed that the top spraying button of the pepper stray had come off… so in order to get it back on there. a very small amount of pepper spray got released. i mean really really tiny amount. but this was so strong that the whole apartment was contaminated… all four of us were choking and coughing and my eyes were burning… then i thought: if so little can do so much harm… an attacker doesn´t stand a chance. hehehehe…  at least i know now it´s working. 😉


swimming gear, originally uploaded by javeja.

to make sure that no indecent parts are shown… i came upon this very “interesting, funny, cute” fashion statement on commerical street.

shop, originally uploaded by javeja.

recently i discoverd the area shivajinagar, just off commerical street. it is lively, busy muslim neighbourhood with lots of markets- shoes, fruits, vegetables, jewellry, metals… i like how atmosphere can change so suddenly just from one street to another. walking thru shivajinagar i was discover yet another side of the multifaced bangalorean metropolis…

kathakali, originally uploaded by javeja.

the story of this particular kathakali goes something like this in very very short form…. although i don´t remember to vividly last time i saw this and read the story was 3 years ago. there  is this female demon… she bewitched the male hero (here depicted with green face) and turns herself in a beautiful woman (the one on the right)… in the end the hero kills her by cutting of her breast with his sword/blade.

conquering of the female through conquering and marking her body as a territory…


kathakali, originally uploaded by javeja.


pashmina store, originally uploaded by javeja.


ever since my arrival here in bangalore on the nights i have been at home i have been watching kaun banega crorepati? (Wer wird Millionär?) with Shah Rukh Khan together with my Landlord and some other tenants. what i find quite fascinating about it is that the questions are mainly focused on indian topics. i had a discussion with a friend about it: i said that it seemed to me like Wer wird Millionär in Germany has more international questions. she said this just seems to me because i am familiar with the western kind of questions and it is obviously my european perspective. i dunno probably there is some truth to that but i still think that the questions here are mainly focusing on indian topics. i mean they could ask more about south asia in general. but nevermind, so watching it is really interesting for me cuz i hardly ever know the answer to any of the questions. so it´s definitely worth watching cuz i gain some more insights. another very nice thing i noticed my landlord always applauds after each question when the contestants do well. you know shah rukh will always say after a contestant has won a question: “and now please give him/her a big hand” and my landlord does as she has been told. she claps and claps… it´s very cute i think.

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